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Tree Trimming - Why Trim a Tree?

Tree trimming has the power to alter the growth of your tree and change its appearance as well. Trimming should be done with complete knowledge of the tree’s needs because it can either make or break your tree’s health. Routine trimming not only improves the aesthetics of your trees but also ensure you and your property’s safety. Trees that are never trimmed can easily look unattractive due to dead branches and overgrown limbs. Also, they are more vulnerable to the effects of the storm making them dangerous to keep in your yard. Another thing to note is that you will most likely lose your right to claim from your insurance policy when it is proven that you neglected your tree’s maintenance.¬†

Sarah Tree Service Schaumburg is skilled and experienced in the art and science of trimming. No matter what the species, size, or type of the tree, we can professionally trim it using our state of the art tools. We make use of the trimming time to also assess the overall health of your tree relative to insect infestations and disease. We will be more than glad to provide you with expert advice on how to improve the health of your precious tree. It is safe for us to say that no tree is immune to disease and damage; that is why trimming is not just an option but a necessity. You will be surprised at how much your tree can dramatically change once trimming is done.

The Trimming Process

We strictly follow the trimming protocols set by the Arbor Day Foundation. We make sure to adhere to an organized and systematic process when trimming. We do this to ensure no branch or limb is cut too near the trunk or the collar. With the correct practices we use, you can be confident that your tree will never be excessively trimmed. Our certified arborists will maintain the natural shape of the tree while making sure all dead and hazardous limbs and branches are removed. Since our establishment, we have been trimming all types of trees, and we have seen almost every possible situation that we can encounter. Because of that, we can confidently say that we can effectively and efficiently trim any tree in the local area. We have seen trees that lost their health and symmetry, but because of trimming, they have been restored of their former glory. When we perform trimming in your property, we don’t only look at every individual tree, but consider the entire landscape as well to give you a peace of mind that your yard is secured throughout the trimming process.

One of our certified arborists will have a visit in your home or office and assess the scope of the job and offer you a free onsite estimate. We can discuss the schedule and walk you through the service and everything it includes. We will also ask you for further instructions, but if we know it will hurt the tree, we will let you know about it. We will practice caution throughout the trimming process while 

    making sure the site is free from debris. Our ground crew will cut off limbs into 3-foot segments for easier piling or wood chipping. After the trimming process, you will not see a mark of us coming to your yard.

    No job too large or too small for Sarah Tree Service Schaumburg
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