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Why Remove a Tree?

Tree removal is our clients’ most favorite tree service among all our offerings. This is also the most complex and demanding service we do. While tree removal isn’t entirely difficult, one must have the right skills and own the proper equipment to correctly and safely eliminate a tree. For more than a decade, Sarah Tree Service has been removing trees of all types and species local to our city. Our tree removal process commences with our free and no-obligation evaluation of the tree and estimation process done by one of our tree personnel. We will determine the right method and equipment to be used for the tree removal to ensure safe and efficient completion of the task. We would also use this time to assess the accessibility of the tree so we could decide if we can use our heavy equipment or opt for our safety climbing harnesses. We may use two different techniques depending on the unique attributes of the tree. We would also ask you if you have other instructions besides tree removal. The free estimate will be ready for your approval right there and then. We can help you decide on the most convenient time for us to perform the work. Our professionalism and attention to detail will leave you impressed. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and quality tree removal service which make us the best tree company for the job.

Process of Tree Removal

On the day of the scheduled tree removal, one professional from our company will get in touch with you to remind you of the time of our arrival on site. We give our clients a two-hour window, meaning we can be a little early or delayed because we want to make sure we have provided the best service to our previous client. 

Our tree removal process officially starts with our site leader designating tasks to our members. Our team generally consists of a lead cutter, chipper, ground service crew, clean up, and branch cutters. We will then start the removal of the tree by systematically cutting off each limb. Our main cutter will start with the crown and work our way down until we only have the main trunk to cut. We will lower each branch carefully using ropes and pulleys. Our ground crew will cut the branches into 3-foot segments and transport them to our chippers. This will go on until we are left with only the primary trunk and cut it into a height which is fit for stump grinding. While everything is being done, our service crew will make sure the area is cleared from all debris and tree segments to promote safety as well. 

Once we are done with tree removal, we can go ahead with stump removal. We can grind the stump until it is no longer seen on grade level. Every wood in the yard will be piled in your place of choice, or we can turn them into wood chips for mulch and compost purposes. After we’re done with everything, your yard will look as great as it was before. 

    Call Sarah Tree Service Schaumburg and we will cater to your tree removal needs in the most efficient and safest way possible. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your added security.

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