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Stump Grinding

When it comes to eliminating the sight of a stump, we use two effective methods which are a complete removal, and the other one is grinding. With physical removal, we use heavy equipment such as a backhoe medium-sized backhoe to unearth the stump along with the major roots. Most commercial development property owners opt for this method because of the need for foundation work. For residential owners, stump grinding is the more popular choice due to the minimal damage it can create and its affordability. 

Stump grinding is undeniably a dirty task to fulfill, but we at Sarah Tree Service Schaumburg strives to maintain a clean surrounding and cause no damage to the surrounding area. Having the benefit of our Morbark grinders, we can make the process look effortless and finish it in just a few hours. We know that heavy equipment can leave marks in your landscape, but this is not the case with our premier Morbark grinders. We will assure you of a clean property and the elimination of that stubborn stump. 

No two stumps are the same. Some stumps are more difficult to grind while others are less challenging to eliminate. Younger hardwoods like cedars and Pines are the most resistant, while deciduous trees like Maples is the easiest to grind. We also look at the root system of the tree species. Regardless of the unique characteristics of the stump, our state-of-the-art grinders will take care of the stump. Once we are done, it will seem like the stump never existed in your yard.

How We Grind a Stump

  • When it comes to grinding a stump, we employ the following five-step procedure:
  • With the help of a rake and a shovel, our team will clear the site of stones, rocks, dirt, and other forms of debris that can hinder a smooth stump grinding process.
  • In the event where the stump is not yet cut as close to the ground, we will use our power saw to cut it to a height that is ideal for grinding. By doing this, we can reduce the amount of stump that needs to be dealt with, thus minimizes the amount of debris it can create. 
  • We will move the stump grinder over the stump at about three to six inches and lower it into the stump. When the stump grinder is three inches over the stump, we will begin moving the blades back and forth until we mill the entire circumference of the stump.
  • The process will go on until the stump is three to six inches beneath the soil
  • Finally, we will take care of the mess the process created. We will rid the area of wood chips, and if you requested, we could replant the area over the stump with grass or sod. This will make the area look as if the stump was never there. 

    Typically, it takes us 30 to 90 minutes to finish stump grinding, considering its size, age, and species. Although stump grinding can be a dirty undertaking, we will make sure to leave your property clean and free from unwanted tree debris. Give our tree service company a call when you have an ugly stump or several of them in your yard.

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