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We are the expert tree care professionals that residents of Schramburg trust with their tree maintenance. The numbers of previous clients we have in our name prove our quality tree and customer service. To ensure that we only offer the best tree care, we employ the cream of the crop in the field of tree industry. On top of that, we invest in top of the line tools and equipment to help us tackle all types of tree care service in the local area. We pride ourselves in our ability to turn every client into a loyal customer after each completing a project. More than a tree company, we are a customer service company that makes our client’s satisfaction our number one priority.

About Sarah Tree Service

We have the best of the best arborists to handle every type of tree care need you may have. Our team of certified arborists knows how to diagnose whatever issue your tree may have to ensure it stays healthy and attractive for the years to come. Sarah Tree Service cares not just about the single tree in your yard, but your entire landscape that is why we make sure that when we perform tree maintenance, we consider how your tree fits your landscape. Our qualified arborists are not only experts in tree care, but landscape upkeep as well. 

At Sarah Tree Service, your safety is a big deal. We see to it that we are licensed, insured, and bonded to offer you the peace of mind that you will have no legal or financial liability throughout our stay on your property. We will never hold this information back from you to show our conscientiousness in the job. Aside from that, we also provide every employee with worker’s compensation and other benefits for our regular crew members. 

Further, we utilize top notch equipment that makes every tree service easier to complete. Our cranes, chainsaws, down to our trucks are all regularly and properly maintained to ensure their top performance each time we use them. Taking advantage of all our premier equipment, we can handle all types of tree jobs you may have for us. Whether it is small-scale yard work or a large commercial job, trust us to finish the task efficiently and effectively. However, there are times when our equipment doesn’t fit the space in the yard, or it can cause potential damage to the landscape. In these times, we are ready to take on the job using only our safety climbing harnesses. Whatever the situation calls for, it will never stop us from doing the job and giving our best to achieve positive results. No matter what the type of property you have—residential or commercial land, rest assured that we can take care of the trees in your property. Whether it is a small job or a big job, we can confidently tackle the job with our skills and premier equipment. More importantly, we perform quality tree service for a price you can afford. 

    We will impress you with our unmatched professionalism. Our team will be there when we say we will and offer you a fast and free estimate when you need it. We value your time; that is why we make sure to follow the schedule set and finish the work as fast as we can without compromising on the quality of the service. We are happy to provide you with the best tree care service your money deserves. Consider Sarah Tree Service when you have tree care needs in the future. We will care for your trees the same way you care for them and ensure they get the best treatment possible. 

    Here is a summary of our tree service offerings. To learn more about each service, visit the Service menu at the top portion of this page.

    Employee cutting down a small tree with a chainsaw in Schaumburg, IL
    Picutre of a chainsaw and logs cut up for a customer in Schaumburg, IL
    Our tree climber cutting down an old branch of a tree for our customer in Schaumburg, IL

    Tree Removal Schaumburg

    A tree is in need of tree removal if it is under certain conditions. A tree that is dying or dead, causing a safety hazard, or infested with a disease, or damaged by a nasty storm may need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent problems in the future. Also, a tree that is preventing the growth of other plantings in your landscape due to over shading is a candidate for removal. The rule of thumb is when your tree is no longer serving you and your landscape right, it may be necessary to eliminate it. You also have to take note that a lot of insurance coverage will nullify your claims if they find out your tree is in contact with your home. No matter what the condition of your tree and the reason for removal, you can come to us and have a peace of mind that your tree will be handled by the most professional arborists in the area. Throughout our career in tree removal service, we have practically taken down all types and sizes of trees which make us the best option for the job. 

    Tree removal can look easy to perform but not if you don’t have the knowledge and the right equipment to do it. Proper planning and execution are essential for an efficient and effective tree removal process. This is especially true if there are fixed structures near the work site. Regardless of the situation, Sarah Tree Service will safely eliminate the unsightly and hazardous tree in your yard. One of our tree experts will come to your residence to inspect the tree to be removed. During our visit, we will offer you a firm verbal estimate on the service we will perform. We can help you decide on the perfect time for us to begin the removal project. Included in our written quote are all necessary information about the removal procedure, as well as the equipment to be used, and of course the cost for the service. While we are on the job, our ground service crew will ensure the site and the surrounding are all cleaned up. All tree debris will be disposed of using our wood chippers located on the street. Before the sun sets, your yard will be rid of one tree. We will make sure the area is clean and free from tree debris like we were never there in the first place.

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    Tree Trimming Schaumburg

    Tree trimming and pruning are two of the most critical parts of tree maintenance. Although they are very common, sadly they are neglected by some homeowners. Some tree care companies lack the proper knowledge and expertise to ensure the health and structural integrity of the tree. Tree trimming involves both art and science, and while anyone can quickly learn the science aspect, the art of it can only be acquired through years of experience in the industry. Trimming should be done with a complete understanding of trees. Incorrect trimming can cause lasting damage and result in a shortened life for the tree. 

    Also, trimming is not very widely used simply because not every homeowner knows that it can be a useful landscaping and beautiful tool. Correct and regular trimming goes a long way for the overall health and appearance of the tree. At Sarah Tree Service, we deal with trimming and pruning with three important objectives:

    • Eliminate unsafe, dead, and unappealing limbs and branches
    • Enhance the symmetry of the tree and restore its original vibrant look
    • Use the opportunity to evaluate the health of the tree 

    When you drive around, it will not be difficult to see trees that would benefit from professional trimming or pruning at the least. Trimming can instantly and significantly improve the aesthetic and welfare of your tree. Unfortunately, some homeowners think that their trees can thrive without their help. While this is true to some extent, landscape trees require a higher level of maintenance to retain their looks and health. 

    Almost similar to our tree removal process, we will begin the trimming process by having one of our representatives visiting your home or office to offer to assess the tree and provide a free estimate. We will discuss the schedule for the work to be done as well as the equipment to be used. If the situation allows us, we can use our heavy equipment, but if not, we will use our safety harnesses to trim the tree. Our chipper will be stationed near the street to handle all the debris created by the trimming process. After the job has been done, you can instantly notice the improvement in the appearance and health of your tree, as well as your entire landscape. You can be at ease that after the trimming process, no trace of tree debris will be found lying on your yard.

    Stump Grinding

    When we are done with tree removal, you have another thing to deal with: an ugly stump in your yard. We can have this unwanted stump removed or ground depending on your request. We never recommend you letting the stump sit in your yard for a long time for aesthetic and safety purposes. Tree stumps can be a nuisance and distracting to your landscape. Moreover, they can be home to various destructive insects such as termites, ants, and bees. 

    We will eliminate the sight of these ugly stumps using our first-class stump grinding equipment. The job can be messy and time-consuming, but we will make it look seamless and easy with our skills and premier stump grinder. No matter how big or small the stump is, we will assure that we will cause little to no impact on your landscape and the surrounding area. 

    Like we do with the rest of our tree services, one of our professional members will visit your home to evaluate the characteristics of the stump to be removed. We will then offer you a firm estimate and decide on the schedule of the completion of the job.

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    Storm Damage

    Storms can cause a wreck to the trees in your landscape. When you are in need of a fast and reliable emergency response, call Sarah Tree Service, and we will swiftly come to your doorstep to provide the exact service you need. Our emergency service is available 24/7 to handle all your emergency needs and restore the order and safety in your home. We will safely remove all felled trees, broken limbs and branches, and other forms of tree debris created by the storm. 

    Our reliable storm damage response is available whatever the time of the day is because we know that emergencies happen during times you don’t expect. As the leading tree company in the Schramburg area, we have the skillset, equipment, and experience to restore the former beauty of your property efficiently.

    Lot Clearing

    Lot clearing is a large-scale job that not all tree companies are capable of handling due to the lack of experience and equipment. We are proud to say that we are one of the few companies in the Sarah area that is able to finish all scale of lot clearing jobs our clients have. We own all the necessary equipment to make this tedious task easier. We will do the lot clearing starting with one tree until we’re down with only one tree to deal with. We will do the job as quickly as possible without wasting time.  

    We don’t only work on large-scale commercial lands, but we also take care of backyards and residential lands. We can quickly finish any lot clearing jobs using our premier equipment at a price that you can afford. 

    Give us a call when you have any lot clearing needs. We are your best option when it comes to large-scale clearing jobs in the Schramburg area.

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